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Lead Dialectic Tee

Lead Dialectic Tee

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The Lead Dialectic Tee is a richly colored perennial choice for any man's closet. With a classic V-neck that looks stellar alone or layered, this robust tee is crafted from Pima cotton - the softest cotton in the world. Pima cotton comes only from Peru, and is distinguished by it's extra-long fibers, which make for an extra-strong knit and an extra-smooth feel.

These tees are also made with a signature interlocking weave - an updated variation on the standard, jersey-ribbed knitting that most cotton shirts are made with. The interlocking weave construction has a finer, sleeker and more polished appearance, thanks to the tell-tale "V" style stitching on both the front and reverse of the fabric- if you look closely. This effect is only achieved with special machines built expressly for the process, and requires much more thread, needles per inch, and weaving time than jersey knit. The final result is an insanely strong and sturdy fabric that is still breathable, and paired with Pima cotton, makes for the softest and most luxurious tee you'll ever get your hands on.

Product Details
  • Colors: Gray
  • Materials: 100% Of Peruvian Pima Cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Origin: Peru

— 100% Pure Peruvian Pima Cotton
— Men's V-Neck Tee

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